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Mindbender 5
-The leader of RCT Renaissance Club, the second oldest club (besides RCT Masters) from the Station.

"RCT Station was not only the first RCT community I joined, it was also my first online forum. That said, in a short while, like nearly all faithful Station members would attest, I was spending more time there than on RCT. I definitely won't forget some memories, joining an RCT club (and usurping it), participating in RCT Survivor, and watching the inevitable soap opera that unfolded in threads such as "Do you Believe In God" and "Swimfan Fan Club."
When Red Phoenix decided to close the site, I was rather disappointed. At the risk of sounding shallow and power-hungry, I always wanted to be a moderator there. For a little while, I was even in on a project with some other members to resurrect the website. Red, of course, protested the idea as he had plans to do it himself. Unfortunately, we all know how that went...
In any case, I still really miss RCT Station; I don't think I'll ever feel at home at a forum the way I did there."
V Dogg
-RCT Station member

"It was such a great site, with nice staff and such happy times. The RCT Masters were born there IMO. It was bad about the closure. The death of the Station was the day the RCT community was shocked. It was THE RCT fansite. Some memories: That "IWillGetBanned" person, the whole thing about forum member oz007 claiming to have RCT2 long before it came out, the whole controversy on Xcite, Ogre's third person talk."

P.S.: Caw. 
(owner of RCTHQ) and long time RCT Station member

"Ah, RCT Station. I think in total I was banned from there 5 or 6 times (oh yes, I held a record). I wasn't really a bad member so to speak, but more so one who didn't like to be belittled. I constantly fought with people over there who were rude to me, and in turn, I got punished for it. I had always been good friends with most of the moderators, but I was constantly annoying the guys with the power. I was reinstated as a member though, and eventually gained a good reputation again. RCT Station served a nice home away from home for me since I launched RCTHQ right when I entered the community. The people there were great for the most part, and there were so many memories made there that I can't pin one down for you. When it closed the first time, it rocked the community. I was saddened, but even more by the second time. Both were so abrupt. I still have mixed feelings. While I'm sad the site is gone, I am also annoyed at the way it was removed when it had such a strong support system in the community. Either way though, RCT Station will always be a landmark in the community that will never be forgotten."
RCT Flame
-Moderator at RCT Station and RCT Masters Club Member

"Wow...the station. That's where I started my RCT experience, and it was a great community to get started in. Good parkmakers and the new people fit in seamlessly. Everyone was there to just have a good time, and that, I believe, was the best part of the RCT Station. I remember how happy I was when I got modded. I got to mod around for a few months before talk of problems were starting...we knew something was up (as mods), but it was a shock when all of a sudden one day it was closed....very sad indeed for everyone involved. I do believe the Forum Fic would have to rank up there as one of my favorite things..."And Mantis gets hit with another bolt of lightning".
- Moderator at RCT Station and RCT Masters Club Member

"Sadly, I can't remember much of the Station, at least not the Station of old, before its temporary renewal. It was there, though, that I first became a mod, first won a competition and first met many of the people I still know now. It deserves to be remembered as a fun, enjoyable community, where friendships really took off."
- Moderator at RCT Station and RCT Ultimate Club Leader

"One of my fondest memories of the station were the monthly contests. Very well run, and always an adequate number of excellent entries. I was first hooked on the station by entering the February and Janurary 2002 contests: bobsled and minipark, and later the July 2002 contest: best nation themed park. Really a friendly place, and also the place where the "club boom" was started and sustained.

Thanks Jim/RedPhoenix"
-RCT Station member

"No more RCT Station....what to do.......I guess we figure out where we will live...I cant believe we dont have the station anymore...."

Those are the words I posted at our RCTI club forums right after it happened. I was devastated because we had just formed our club and worked so hard to finally 'earn' our folder. I was a member here at RCT2.com already so I started coming here everyday and it was good to be so welcomed here, but it was sad about the Station closing because so many members just disappeared after the Station closed. It seems most of us are still around now, but for me anyway, I will always remember RCT Station as the birthplace of my club and where I met so many new friends who play RCT. 
Mama Bear
-RCT Station member and RCT Masters Club Member

RCT Station was where I was "born". Both as a RCT player AND an internet visitor!
They were my very first forums in both ways. 
I grew up there from an absolute newbie to what I am now. Their knowledge base and the many downloads helped me out many times. I met most of my RCT friends there, released my first parks there and became a member of RCT Masters there. 
Although I "moved" to RCT2.com long before they definitely closed, I still visited the Station on a daily basis and I felt really sad when they closed for good!
Todd Lee
-RCT Station member

Ahhhh, the station days.... Not long after I joined the forums at Danimation, I heard about RCT Station. There was so much content, and the forums were so active.... how could I resist joining?? The members were great, the downloads were plentiful, and everyone was quick to answer questions. Do I miss the Station? Absolutely, but all good things must come to an end! 
-Moderator at RCT Station and RCT Masters Club Leader

Ahhh...RCT Station, the place sure brings back memories. It was after all, the first forums I actually joined, as I had been afraid to showcase my work up until that point, and had about 3-4 parks that I never had finished off. The forums were friendly, and people were happy to comment on parks. Dare I say that the environment made me a more confident builder, to the extent I've gone off to take chances I'd never have imagined. 

The contests were always fun to follow (I even won one!), but the most important and amazing thing that happened there was the creation of RCTM and working with friends. If I'd never joined the boards and been confident enough to show off my parks, I'd never had a chance to join...and to that, who knows if the club or I would be here today still having a great time building. Many thanks to Red Phoenix for building and Ogre for hosting a fine community while they did, as I had more fun and met more friends online (and internationally too!) then I'd have imagined ever doing. Thanks to Mike Robbins for coordinating the Original (RCT Station Staff Only) Park in LL, and for inviting me as a former staffer/forum member to add to this final and fitting RCT2 tribute to a great site we all loved. My section of the "Atlantis Adventure" island is officially dedicated to all who had the experience of interacting with the site in their RCT lifetime.
-RCT Station member

I was not at the station too long, only around the last half a year it was open, but the time I did spend there was enjoyable, and was what really got me into RCT2 and made me the parkmaker I am today. By advertising my parks there, I received excellent feedback which really helped me kick start my parkmaking career and learn the essentials. It was also a place where people could meet new friends (which I did, most I still speak to online today) download the "new" thing at the time (Custom Scenery) and enter the excellent competitions (which I did once...and failed )

The boards were always buzzing with new posts to read, and the staff team did a great job of keeping things in order whilst still allowing a lot of freedom of speech. I was extremely disappointed when it closed, but RCT2.com took me in with open arms. The experiences I had at the station are definitely what helped me obtain the qualities needed to become a staff member here (RCT2.com), so I am eternally grateful.
-RCT Station member

I first came across the station around 2000, maybe a little earlier. I found it through a Google search, but I wasn't very 'internet sociable' at first - in fact I didn't even know they had a forum at the time!

I came back in February 2003. I joined, but didn't get active until around March. I remember creating my 'real' first park there, Frontenac, and what kind of reviews it got there. The Station was really where I made my 'first' steps in RCT building, and where I got some of my influences. I could stay glued to my seat there for a whole afternoon - hitting refresh and looking at the new posts. Quite naively I would watch the online list to see if people looked at my topics.

I think that without the Station, even with its bad moments for me, was what gave me 'forum conduct' I guess I could put it. I figured out how to post things the way I intended and learned the way things worked, really. It was even through a friend I had at the Station that I found RCT2.com. 

I thank the people who made the Station what it was - a staple in the RCT community.
-Moderator at RCT Station and RCT Masters Club Member

RCT Station is where I got my start in RCT. It was a great community of people who respected each other for the most part (always some bad apples). I met awesome people like Kai, Mike Robbins, Mantis, Red Phoenix, Steve Franks, etc...The atmosphere of the Station was like no other. It was like a band of brothers, a comraderie of great people.

I was really disappointed when the Station closed. It was a crushing blow to the community of RCT. But nonetheless, everything has to come to an end. I didn't like that the Station tried to make a half *** comeback. It was like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement for the 3rd time.

Thanks and good luck, Mick
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