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Want to know where you can down load the parks?


Just look across the isle and to the right.

There is the info on how to download.

Station Park 2003 - 2004

Here is the Station Park 2003 - 2004. The entrance shown on the right leads the guests to the many themed areas of this wonderful tribute park - The Deep Woods - Atlantis Adventure - Skull Island - Gannett Village - Fantasy Island - and Phoenix Gardens.  Don't know where to start?  Hop on board the Station Trolley and let's take a peek...   and remember to click on the pictures to enlarge the view.

Ding Ding

Station Park Entrance
Atlantis Adventure

Neptune's Rage Forgotten God Trident
Deep Woods

Station Sky Rocket Mountain Terror
Frontier Outpost Operating Arm
Phoenix Gardens

The Red Phoenix

Skull Island

Pirates Gold Drunken Sailor
Iron Pirates Little Pirates
Gannett Village and Fantasy Island

Marauder in Ganett Village Take the tots to Fantasy Island
Special Bonus:  Station Park Golf Resort

Enjoy the Clubhouse on us...

The special bonus park has all the amenities - golf cart rental - Clubhouse Cafe - Pro Shop - and the 19th hole...

.Welcome to the Clubhouse...

Thanks Everyone

This tribute to RCT Station was produced by many friends of the Station. Included in the download file is a Word document with a complete description of the attractions and their creators. 

Thanks everyone!  Mike Robbins                  Download parks now!

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Hasbro Interactive



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Hey Everyone!

This is it - the place where you download these wonderful parks!

Take me to the Station Park 2003-2004

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