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1. RCT2/WW/TT unreleased parks ONLY are accepted.
2. All entries must be from registered members of the forums.
3. An unlimited number of Club Parks or joint parks (two or more people) may be entered each month. Only one (1) solo park per person can be entered each month.
4. Once a park has been submitted for one month, it cannot be re-submitted for any other month.
5. There must be a minimum of five (5) parks to have a winner for that month, or if the VP coordinator feels we might have a winner out of the entries. The judges will always have a right to not announce a winner for the month if there is not a park worthy of VP of the month. If after one month has passed without five (5) entries, the entries we have will be considered for VP.
6. There is no guaranteed date each month that the VP of the Month will be announced. However, the timeline guideline will be the 20th of each month.
7. Parks must be submitted in .zip format and emailed to rctspacecontests@gmail.com. The subject of the email must say VP - (Park Name). The body of the email must include the creator(s) of the park , and please include forum names only. If it is a WW or TT park, please state this in your email. Also, make sure you have clicked export objects before zipping the park.
Please see the timeline/guideline for the dates we are accepting parks.


1. VP of the Month will start accepting entries NOW for the first month (July). The deadline for entries will be June 30, 11:59PM (EST). The second month, and every month thereafter, entries will be accepted for the next month from the 1st of each month until the last day of the month. For example, for the August VP of the Month, entries will be accepted from July 1 - July 31, 11:59PM (EST).
2. The VP of the Month will be announced each month on the 20th. Any runners-up will be announced a week later, on the 27th.
(NOTE: This is a guideline ONLY, and some months may be later than the stated guidelines due to unforseen circumstances which may arise.)


1. There will be five (5) judges each month. Two (2) of these judges will be RCT2.com staff, two (2) will be randomly selected members of the forums, and one will be the previous VP of the Month winner.
(For the first month, there will be three (3) judges from RCT2.com staff, and two (2) randomly selected members of the forums.
2. Judges Scoring:  The system is out of 100 points. Here is how itís broken down:
  • Architecture-15
  • Coaster Designs-15
  • Landscaping-10
  • Originality/Creativity-15
  • Park Layout-10
  • Ride Selection-10
  • Theming-15
  • Overall-10
3. To determine the total points for each park, the five judges totals for that park will be added together and then divided by five to get the average total score for that park. For example, one parks totals are 95.2, 98.7, 90.0, 92.6, and 93.5. The total for the five judges is 470. Divided by five = 94. That park's final score will be 94. The park with the highest points will win the VP of the Month. If the votes are close (within 5 points of winner), runners-up will also be announced, with a maximum of two (2) runners-up each month. If the votes are not close (within 5 points of winner), there may not be any runners-up announced, or there may only be 1 announced.
4. Judges CANNOT judge for that month if they or a member of their club has submitted a park for that month. However, the previous months VP Winner will always be allowed to judge.
5. Judges will be announced the same day the VP of the Month is announced.


1. The winner of the VP of the Month will be announced on the front page of the RCT2.com site with a link to the winner's topic in the VP sub-forums area.
2.  The winner's park will be highlighted with its own trip brochure which you will link to from the main page of the site.
The link will take you to a page that will list each months winner. Click on the month that you want to look at.
B.  For example, click on July,2003 and that will bring up that months Trip Brochure.
3. The Trip Brochure may include:
  • Logo made by the parkmaker or by RCT2. com staff
  • List of major attractions
  • Park Overview
  • Thumbnail Pictures of select areas of the park, click to enlarge the view; accompanied by short
    descriptions of the screen
  • Virtual Park Review by Scoop or VPR
  • Quotes taken from the judges media day walkthroughs
  • Seal of Approval from RCT2.com

This is the part where everyone says WOW.....



Runners-up will be announced on the front page of the RCT2.com site with a link to the runners-up topic in the VP subforums area one week after the VP of the Month is announced. These parks will be posted in these subforums with some screenshots and a short review by one of the judges.


Vacation Park of the Month is a wholly owned subsidiary of RCT2.com