Majestic World Tour by RCT Majesty

5dave, Zodiac, G-Ride, Kenneth, Peeee, Mifune, Pineapple, Levis and Ivo

 RCT Space 2nd Annual Super Cell Contest Winner

Majestic World Tour


One of the many rules within this contest is to keep peeps happy and get them moving through the park. Unfortunately, there is a pathing problem within the second cell of this otherwise fantastic cell park, and this manages to keep the park rating near zero. However, peeps do get through the park and all the other rules of the contest were followed. This park and the concept behind it, the coasters, the theming, the other rides, are enough to call The Majestic World Tour the RCT Space 2nd Annual Super Cell Contest Winner!

9 RCT Majesty club members worked on this park and it showcases the country of each member. Austria by 5dave, the United States by G-Ride and Zodiac, Belgium by Kenneth, Germany by Mifune and Peeee, The United Kingdom by Pineapple and the Netherlands by Levis and Ivo.

RCT Majesty has included their own walkthrough of the park in the zip file, so please CHECK THAT OUT!

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